Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm not a YouTube virgin anymore... to speek.

I've just made (well actually that's not quite true, but)... erhm UPLOADED my first video to YouTube.

Yay me!!! ;-)

It's not exactly Katherine Brooks-good ('coz I can only DREAM of making movies the way she does....), but for a first-time upload I would actually say that it's - well - fair.

Anyways... Just wanted to share...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

British bombshells

What can I say... OMG. Just love the accent...
Here's a few (and in no particular order):

- Rachel Shelley
- Kate Winslet
- Lena Heady
- Keira Knightley
- Amy Robbins (aka Dr. Jill Wheatherill)
- Catherine Zeta Jones
- Elizabeth Hurley (yes, her too..)
- Natascha McElhone

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What can I say...

I guess I have to tell something about me...

Just thinking......

All right! I'm totally addicted to YouTube!!!!

I mean... All those videos.... And sooo little time.

Like... When I first discovered "Loving Annabelle" (and I sure do..), it was amazing to find deleted scenes that wasn't on the DVD (and even if "evolotionseeker" is the same as Katherine Brooks, it doesn't make it worse - she's amazing too - love, love, love that movie!). Just clips really - but hey, if you throw those addicted fans (like me) a bone... Well.. We kind af live for those moments (at least I do). I just can't get enough.

The same goes for the videos about the Callica-angle in "Grey's Anatomy".
I guess you'd be seeing a kind of a pattern here... And I admit to that too - all lesbian in movies and TV-series... I'm for it. Surprise!!!
The biggest problem about Grey's Anatomy is that I can't see it - unless when it has been posted on YouTube (so Hester aka BetweenThaLines - I'm forever gratefull).

Besides the occasionally movie or series for, with and about lesbians - there's the Internet. Thank you-know-who for AE (
So far it has totally covered my needs as to updates in the "community" but then agian - I haven't been out there for that long. Don't think I'll be needing anyone bigger than AE though. It's got a bit about - and for - everyone. Amazing actually. Recommendable.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The L Word

I was just watching "The L Word" season 5, episode 10 (once again....just love it!!), and I realized, that when Kit sees Molly at the Subaru Pink Ride (or what it's called), and she turns to Shane to tell her that Molly is there... She actually calls Shane Kate - which is her real name, but still.... didn't quite catch that the first time. It's at bit funny.

I know this isn't quite the obvious first blog post, but it was the first thing that came to mind, so...

Guess I'll write something more later, but untill then...

Keep safe - and remember.

1 minute of anger is 60 seconds of happiness lost....