Saturday, February 28, 2009

The one where I went away...

So I'm off the Interweb for a week and I probably need two or three full days to catch up on everything.

And what did I do with my week?

I spend it with 20 other adults in a small cabin in the woods. (All students trying to educate ourselves as teachers - and our teacher).
To some this might sound really boring or even unbearable, but it was actually quite a good time. We didn’t spend much off our time in the cabin per say, we were out and about in the woods or other similar places in the area.
The last night we were having this big dinner party (well, as big as it can get, when you live in a cabin) and there were a lot of entertaining. At one point we were to take a quiz about each other and if we were wrong we got a secret assignment. And it was to be performed in a way that it was not obvious that it was the assignment we were doing.
The next morning one of the elder women (we were aged from 22 - 55) stood up and said, that because she had had a difficult time doing her assignment she would read it out load. Ta-da. Her assignment was to convince one of the opposite sex, that she was bisexual. She had no idea on how to do that. In my mind I went "WTF?".
Okay so maybe she didn't have a clue but I don't know whether I was more upset about the fact that she said what she said or that it was a assignment to 'pretend to be bisexual'. I didn't have the time to decide because people started making comments like: "Oh no, that would have been hard." or "I wouldn't know that either." or "I think I could have done it - but I'm not bisexual". So much for living in a liberal country. Then someone made a comment saying "Who the F*CK made this?" and I sort of snapped out of my trance. And we all went into a bit of a discussion about sexuality. I'm not out to these people, and I had no intention of coming out to them - at least not at that point.
Actually I think the assignment was supposed to have been giving to our teacher. She kind of reminds me of Brennan from "Bones" (and I mean this in the most respectful way). She's quite remarkable and very, very good at what she does (she's a biologist). Somehow I don' think she would have been freaked out by the assignment. It's more likely she would have seen it as an experiment in human behavior. I don't think she's bisexual though (but if she was she should definitely give me a call. She's kinda hot. I mean she is hot but in Bones kinda way... Bah. Like Annabelle I'm intrigued)

Besides that it was fun. Rough but fun.
And now I'm off to catch up on other blogs, YouTube, AfterEllen, eurOut... I'm in for a busy weekend.....
Enjoy yours.
Have fun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just for fun....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Memory Monday.

Back to the music. More specifically ESC.

One of the most winning countries in the ESC is Ireland (They have won 7 times!).
And the most winning performer is probably Johnny Logan:

1980 Ireland. Johnny Logan - What´s Another Year

1987 Ireland. Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now

And he wrote Linda Martin's "Why Me?" (1992) as well, but I told you that last time.

Another Irish winner: 1996 Eimear Quinn - The Voice

Sweden has done pretty well too (I told you about Carola and ABBA last time):

1984. Herreys - Diggi-Lou Diggi-Ley

1999. Charlotte Nilsson - Take Me To Your Heaven

- and Norway as well:

1985. Bobbysocks - La Det Swinge (Let it swing)

1995. Secret Garden - Nocturne

If you want any background information on the songs - click here.

She didn't win with this song, but I couldn't resist....
1983. Carola - Främling (Stranger)

However the title of this song might be "Stranger" when you translate it, Carola went on a tour after ESC with this song performing it in several languages: in English as "Love Isn't Love", in German as "Fremder", and in Dutch as "Je ogen hebben geen geheimen".
Just a bit of useless information I wanted to share...

Have a nice Monday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saphhic Sunday:

Remember when I as rambling through my New Years Resolution?

And how I wanted to watch BSG just to see what all the fuzz was about?

I added another thing to that as well.

All right. I also wanted to listen to Tegan and Sara. Again.... The fuzz. Mainly because I didn't think I would enjoy their music (don't know why exactly - just a feeling). But I thought I would give it a try. Be a good gay and all that.

Now I've got this song stuck to my brain.
Ironically it's: "Back In Your Head". I just love it! Go figure...

I still haven't figured out who is who...
But thankfully I've got
Liz Feldman to help me with that.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

On the Other Hand, Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery

It's finally here. My review.

So what’s so special about this movie? Besides being brilliant?

I was a bit skeptic in the beginning. Not due to the actors – but more due to the story.
It's about Donald Strachey. Private Investigator - and gay. And even if it may be a gay main character it's not 'your average gay movie'. It's not a movie about being gay it's more like a movie told from a gay perspective.

It’s got a very believable plot, and even when you think you know the answers something happens. The truth is not so easy to find. But Strachey does it. He’s focused. He’s determent. And even if his methods might not be legal all the time, he follows the clues no matter how unimportant they might seem. And that’s what solves the crime.

Opening sequence:
A woman is being followed by a man. We only see his shadow on the wall but we know he’s close. Slowly another shadow takes form behind the first. By the shape you realize it’s a cop and then the words: “Police. Put your hands in the air!” The woman being followed is also a cop and the man who was following her was: P.I. Donald Strachey (Chad Allen).

After the opening credits we’re outside a house. A person is sneaking around, then breaking into the house. Edith (Gabrielle Rose) is woken. Dorothy (Margot Kidder) walks downstairs to figure out what the noise is, only to find the perpetrator already gone, leaving only behind a trail of broken pictures and the message: “Dykes Get Out!” written on the wall.

Strachey is involved in a loving and monogamous relationship with another man, his husband, Tim Callahan (Sebastian Spence).
Tim’s ex-boyfriend from college, Andrew (Damon Runyan), is in town and is asking them both to go to a school board meeting supporting Dorothy Tim’s old Student Guidance Counselor. She’s accused (by parents) of “promoting homosexuality in the school” by giving a teenager “a number for some gay recruiting place”. The number was for “The Trevor Project” (a resource for gay teens contemplating suicide).

After the meeting Strachey, Tim and Andrew join Dorothy and Edith for a drink at their home (It may not be James Bond, but a considerable amount of Martini – Shaken, not stirred – were to be consumed). However a rock is thrown through the window carrying a message stating: “Get Out”.
Strachey decides to investigate the case. Unlike the others he doesn’t think it is kids acting out.

What seems to be a lot of different stories happening at the same time having no connection to each other, are slowly woven into each other making hints that they may all be connected but it is not until the end of the movie you figure out what it’s really all about.
It’s a very well rounded story. Not predictable. Certainly not boring.

It’s got dialogs and lines like:

Dorothy: “We don’t pick our fights. They pick us.”

Strachey: “Seems like a big decision [coming out] so late in life.”
Dorothy: “Late in life? Is that a euphemism for “You’re too damn old to come out of the closet”? Is that what that is?”
Strachey: “No. I just figured something must’ve happened.”
Dorothy: “Well, uh… let’s just say that I spent too many years being what other people wanted me to be, and I’d finally just had enough. And I went “To hell with what they think! I can only be who I am.”.”

And Strachey’s sidekick Kenny Kwon (Nelson Wong) is hilarious. This may be a movie about hate crime, murder and other evilness, but it is also – at times – a funny movie.

Kenny Kwon: “Please. I’m like a chameleon.” [Acting like a true movie detective hiding behind his sunglasses and a newspaper].

Kenny Kwon: “Someday, when I’m old like all you guys, I hope I have an amazing relationship, too.”
Strachey [sighs and shakes his head]: “Yeah…”
Kenny Kwon: “What? It was a compliment!”

It’s a story about how bad (and out of hand) things can get if you’re not honest with yourself and/or your partner. It’s a story about betrayal and lies.
It’s a story about coming to terms with whom you are or with whom the people you thought you knew are.
But it’s also a story about love and commitment and figuring out what’s right for you.

It’s released on DVD February 24th.
I highly recommend you watch it.

And if you love it as much as I did, you might want to know that there’s actually made 3 other movies in the “- Donald Strachey mystery” installment. Which I have to watch as well.

For more information go here or here.

On the Other Hand, Death on PhotoPeach

The Beaver Bunch

I just realized, that it's been a while since I last posted about the topics of the week from the Beaver Bunch.

This weeks topic:

Topic for the week of February 16th
A Baby Beav asked, how can the straight community help clear up the fact that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality?

Aside from accepting the GLBTQ community and cutting that line that strongly divides us all up, what, perhaps, specific thing can be done to help?

Go watch

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The trailer:

Remember when I asked what Margot Kidder had been up to lately?
This is it:

Last week I got an e-mail, asking if I wanted to do a review of the movie. Thanks Adam.
Today I got the DVD, so now I'm off to watch it. Stay tuned...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Memory Monday.

Back to the movie/series/beautiful women.

Charlie’s Angels:
I’m not talking about the movie(s) with Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. (All though I like them as well…)
I’m talking about the series/show back in the 70’s and 80’s.

And one of the angels in particular.
Jaclyn Smith,
First of all, she was the only Angel that was in every season.
Secondly: What’s not to like about a series with powerful women.
Thirdly: She’s gorgeous.

Jaclyn Smith is also a breast cancer survivor.

So is my next actress/singer.
You may remember her from Grease but she has had a pretty amazing career even without John Travolta. I give you: Olivia Newton-John.
I loved her songs. Not just the ones from Grease.
Like Xanadu and Physical (I know there’s half naked men in the last video but wait it out. I’m sure you’ll like the ending…)

Other than Olivia Newton-John my favourite characters in Grease were, well, The Pink Ladies

I’m not sure whether to give her most credit for The Man from Snowy River or Paradise because I liked them both. They have two thing in common. Horses and Sigrid Thornton

I couldn’t find a picture that looked like I remember her, but I found this.

Grace Kelly.
Just because she’s Grace Kelly.

I remember visiting my father’s aunt and uncle and while the grown-up's talked my sister and I were allowed to watch television. Most of what was shown was Grace Kelly movies.
I didn't realize it then, but I'm pretty sure I had a crush on Grace Kelly when I was 5 or 6. She was so beautiful! And I remember when she died. (Maybe my memory isn't quite right, but if I have to compare Grace Kelly's death with anything it would have to be the death of Diana.) I also remember the fact that the whole world blamed her daughter Stéphanie for her death...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sapphic Sunday:

I actually wanted to base today’s Sapphic Sunday on the Danish handball player (now coach) Anja Andersen who turns 40 today.
But then I realized that all I really know about her is that:

She’s (in)famous for her ability on the handball field.
She used to live in my hometown (when she was a teenager – before she joined the national team)

And she’s gay.
Oh and: Her trademark - especially to the referee’s.

So I decided to pay tribute to another Dane. Perhaps more known by rest of the world. The Model/Actress/Photographer.

Helena Christensen (also at

Music video with Helena Christensen:

And some pictures may not suitable for some viewers (this one might be worse than Eva Mendes’ Calvin Klein commercial - we are after all a bit more liberal over here). However if you can’t resist go here.

And have a happy Sunday ;o)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freaky Friday - and Happy Valentine's Day

I know it is Saturday. I also know it is Valentine’s Day, but I actually don’t care…

A few years ago people in this country were all like: ”Oh Valentine’s Day. It’s SO American!” (I’m pretty sure they would have called it ‘Gay’ too if it was a term we used here). “Why do we have to American-ize everything? Geez it’s all about spending money.”

Today everybody (i.e. people in their 40’s and younger) go all crazy at Valentine’s Day. Restaurants, Flower Shops, Gift Shops…heck – all shops. They go crazy too.
And if some poor bastard from the countryside hasn’t realized that February 14th is Valentine’s Day – well then he might just be single by the 15th. Because that’s how the girls roll.

I don’t celebrate. For several reasons.
And Yes, I am single but that’s not why. I didn’t celebrate when I was in a relationship either.

Back to Freaky Friday…

Jodie Foster (1976) or Lindsay Lohan - and Jamie Lee Curtis…(2003)

It’s a tough choice.

I like Jodie Foster (and not just because of the fact that she lives - or used to live - with a woman).
I really enjoy her acting. And she has played a number of roles. From Nell to Dr. Ellie Arroway in Contact, or roles like Iris in Taxi Driver or Anna in Anna and the King.

But I really like Jamie Lee Curtis as well.
Halloween, Halloween H20, A Fish Called Wanda, Fierce Creatures and
True Lies (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) where she did a very hot (and totally funny) striptease.
If you want to watch the scene – go here – but be warned. It may not be suitable for minors…

Then there’s Lindsay Lohan… (I don’t care who she sleeps with either.)
She was adorable in The Parent Trap. I also liked Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded.

(Yes I do prefer her as a redhead...)

Often remakes of movies end very, very, very bad. In this case I think they did a pretty good job.

And if you twist my arm and make me choose.... I probably have to say: 2003. (I play the guitar - I've never played field hockey or been waterskiing).

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay so I might be a little over the top right now....

When I opened my mailbox today I got all giddy and acted totally inappropriate for a girl my age (but see if I care...). I actually think my neighbours thought I had won the lottery.
It wasn't quite the big bag of cash, but...

My copy of "Be In Want"!!!

And I just LOVE it!

Like I said earlier... Meghan Tonjes has got the most AMAZING voice and she totally rocks!

Today I have two tasks:

  1. Listen to "Be In Want"

  2. Watch BSG (just got the second season)

I want the weekend to start early!!!

I think this might be true...

You Are WTF?

As far as you're concerned, the internet is getting weirder and weirder.

And you're the type of person who can never look away, no matter how bizarre or gross something is.

No doubt about it, there are some pretty deeply disturbing people out there. And they are totally shameless!

You can't help but say, "What the f*?" There really is no other appropriate reaction.

At least to some extend...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sometimes house cleaning isn't so bad....

Bah. It sucks! BIG TIME! But I found my copy of D.E.B.S.

I know... That's some really annoying big letters...

I really liked that movie and not just because of Jordana Brewster (even though that is a very good reason to watch this movie). There is a little romance, a little action, there's girls in short skirts (Did you know that the length of each girl's skirt was specific to the characters. Domoniques was the shortest; Max's the second shortest; Amy's the third shortest; and Janet's was the longest.), and plenty of laughs!

Lucy: I didn't even want to be a criminal. I wanted to be a pirate.
Amy: [laughs] Pirates are criminals.
Lucy: Oh. Whoops.

Max: Who's your best friend?
Amy: You are my best friend.
Max: And what did I say to you the very first day at the Academy?
Amy: "That's my bunk, bitch."
Max: After that.

Max: I can't stop thinking about Lucy Diamond.
Janet: [incredulous] You too?

And Peggy Peabody Holland Taylor is in it too.

Mrs. Petrie: Are you kidding me? We conduct a nationwide manhunt for you and you're boning the suspect? Did you think this was a joke? "Let's divert federal resources and man hours so I can have my collegiate lesbian fling in style."
Amy: I was doing research.
Mrs. Petrie: I'll bet.

Just to jog your memory:

Somehow I'll always think of Jordana Brewster lip-synching when I hear that song...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just because I feel so patriotic today...

...and because I Y Liz Feldman...

The original video:
Liz Feldman Tribute Song/Anthem by Pil and Liv

Liz Feldman Tribute (music and lyrics by Pil and Liv)

Some of you might have seen them already (and if you watched This Just Out last Monday you will know that Liz Feldman commented on the video(s).)

If you don't usually watch This Just Out you should give it a try. She's got so many interesting guests. Today it's Tegan and Sara, but she has had a number of amazing peple on her show, like: Bridget McManus, Clementine Ford, Kate Moennig, Emily Deschanel, Clea Duvall, Erin Daniels and Uh Huh Her (they made Liz a new theme song) and more.

And she's got a really nice 'sidekick' on the show as well. Raimy Rosenduft. Yes. I Y her too ;o)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Memory Monday.

Not all my childhood movies/series involve loads and loads of beautiful women. Some involved animals, puppets and a lot of singing. All at once.

I owe a lot to Jim Henson.
He gave me (and a lot of other kids…) The Storyteller, Fraggle Rock and of course The Muppet Show.

The Storyteller: Intro...
Fraggle Rock - Fraggles: Dance your cares away…

Fraggle Rock - Gorg Junior:

Fraggle Rock - Doozers: Somehow I always imagined that the doozer sticks tasted like sugar... Muppet Show: It’s the Muppet Show… Yes it is … ;o)

Shows where humans and puppets worked together in creating a virtual world for kids like me to dream in. All you need is a little imagination!

From puppets to some even more geeky shows/series.

Knight Rider:
I’ve always wanted a car like K.I.T.T. Life would be so much easier. Other than that I really liked the fact that Michael (aka David Hasselhoff) wasn’t the one who did all the repairs. That was for Bonnie. She rocked!

Bonnie(Patricia McPherson):

Bonnie and K.I.T.T:

What that man could do. I mean he practically only had his Swiss Army Knife and he could turn anything into props he could use in capturing ‘the bad guys’. Talk about using your brains as a weapon.

And just because I couldn't resist: What would MacGyver do?

I watched superhero movies as a kid.
The ones with Christopher Reeve (to me he is the ‘real’ Superman – even though some say the honour should go to George Reeves)
I admit that the sound effects, the special effects and (for some part) the acting is a whole lot better in the movies today. But I like those old movies.

Christopher Reeve:

And back then I found Lois Lane Margot Kidder really hot. I case you were wondering what she’s up to these days (not Lois Lane – she’s still writing for the Daily Planet) apparently Margot had a role in The L Word (Season 3, Episode 1). Why did I not notice her?
Margot Kidder as Lois Lane:

Now a lot of Batman-movies and/or –series have been made. And I have watched most of them. (Although I have to admit that I haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet – I’ll get to it eventually...)
But there’s one edition I love more than any. It’s a rather old series from the 60’s. It features Batman and Robin. What’s so special about that edition then? It’s the comic additions. Every time they hit someone a cartooned sign with BAM or KAPOW or similar ‘action’ words pop up in the picture. And it may not be over-the-top effects but they are funny and they work. Putting some from the comics in the movie works!

And finally.
Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Harrison Ford aka Indiana Jones:

I loved them all but I especially enjoyed the second one with Kate Capshaw mother of Nadia…no wait….Dr. Arizona Robbins…damn not that either… Jessica Capshaw.

Kate Capshaw:

(On a side note: Kate has also played a lesbian in the movie A Girl Thing where she plays opposite Elle Macpherson. All Kate was worried about was whether 4 of her 7(!) kids watch her lesbian scenes…)

Jessica Capshaw:
(all right - technically she does not fit in here, but...)

I actually wanted to be an archaeologist because of Indiana Jones. That’s how much I love history. Unfortunately there’s not that big of a chance finding a job as an archaeologist around here…. So I’m settling for the second best – becoming a History teacher ;o)
I’m a geek… I know….