Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Trying to figure out whether or not to come up with a few New Year’s resolutions I found myself looking at my post from last New Year. Although at that point all my resolutions seemed pretty huge and I didn’t expect to follow them all through (after all that is what happens to a lot of resolutions…) I accomplished to follow through on them all. Yay me! :-)

The most significant of them all was my second resolution: Go for it! And this resolution wasn’t just about me being a gay it was a general thing. And I did it. For every major decision in my life (and some not so big) I tried to figure out what was the best thing for me. What would make me happy?

And 2009 was a year of many changes in my life. Some pretty big, some small and some reeeaaalllllly huge :-)

I didn’t pass my final exam, so I won’t graduate until this summer. But that also gives me time to finish all my classes at the same time, and I won’t have to deal with a job along side of my Science class.*

I came out to my extended family. And although for some of them it was difficult seeing me as a lesbian they all were more concerned about my happiness than anything else.

But the biggest and most important change in my life in 2009 happened gradually from April/May. I found myself spending a whole lot more time at the computer. And for once I didn’t mind having a bit of insomnia. It actually came in handy when speaking to a person who used to live in a time zone that’s 9 hours behind yours. Which means that the couple of hours you may sleep is equivalent to some of the hours she might sleep too. And the time difference won’t interfere with the hours you are able to speak with each other.

The observant reader of course noticed that I wrote “used to” ;-)

We now live not only in the same time zone but also the same house and have been for almost 4 months :-)

Sometimes I wonder how I got to be so lucky. I mean, what are the odds of two people living on different continents finding each other over the internet, fall in love and get to build a life together?

But it is nice for once to be able to say that I’m not the only gay in the village anymore ;-)

This year I’ve decided not to press my luck as far as the resolutions goes.
But I’ve decided that as long as I follow my heart I can’t be all wrong. Sure I might hit a few bumps in the road along the way but as long as I stay true to myself it’s got to be worth it.

Hope you all have the most excellent 2010!

*I’m studying to be a teacher (for kids aged 7 – 17) and I really wanted to teach Science as well as History but it was not possible at the same time so I postponed Science a year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas - all about traditions.

We celebrate Christmas Eve more that Christmas Day.
At Christmas Eve we have a family dinner, consisting of roast duck with boiled potatoes, caramelled potatoes, red cabbage and gravy. For dessert we have rice pudding with a cherry sauce and in the pudding an almond is hidden. The lucky finder of this almond gets a small gift. After dinner we gather around the Christmas tree to sing Christmas carols and dance hand in hand around the tree - well I suppose it's more a very, very slow walk than a dance due to all the food. And then we open presents.

Christmas Day we use to gather strength. And relax in general.

And then there is the Julefrokost on Boxing Day. More eating - a lot of fish dishes. Most of them cold. Like pickled herring. But we also have hot dishes like kale stew and cabbage stew with ham and/or meatballs (frikadeller). We also have spiced meat roll and leverpostej and finish the meal of with a lot of different cheeses. More singing - although this is highly connected to the drinking. We sing drinking songs like: "We toast with our friends and those we know. And those we do not know, we'll toast with them as well!" (Okay it rhymes a bit better in Danish...)
It's not all just eating, singing and drinking. We also make room for a walk - which is as needed as the 'dance' around the Christmas tree.

After Boxing Day we may or may not have a few more Julefrokoster before New Year. But otherwise we just relax. And make sure to exercise plenty!

Happy holidays.
Merry Christmas.
Glædelig jul.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter solstice

Tomorrow is Winter solstice.
For us - way up North...;-) - it means that it's the shortest day of the year. So after tomorrow we can look forward to more sunlight during the day. Which would be nice.

In the paradox that is Global Warming we have had some pretty chilly nights here in Denmark. At the island of Bornholm they experienced the coldest night temperature in December since before 1874 (and in general not since 1987) so it's been rather cold.
But that also means that the snow we had a couple days ago still is here. And it looks like it will still be here for Christmas Day.
I for one am still dreaming of a White Christmas ;-)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Finally the snow came...

It's not really December - or winter - without it.
Childhood memories of me and my sister playing in the snow, making snowmen, sledding, engaging in snowball fights... Good times :-)

Nowadays it's more about candle lights, fires in the wooden stove, coffee (although in December a little gløgg might probably be consumed as well... ☺) - and of course shoveling the sidewalks and winter tires ☺.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No no... I'm still here....

...just still busy with life :-)

But I will return. Next time with more...content. I promise ;-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've been busy...

..which means I haven't had time to post anything here...but I guess you've already figured that one out.

Well I suppose the truth is that I haven't been able to concentrate on much else than what's going on in my own life, so I haven't really been paying attention to what's out there in the world - whether it's the online or the 'real' one.

For starters I've had my exams. Which for the most part went okay. But were pretty time consuming.

But futhermore - and more importantly - I've been busy with cleaning up my life. Litterally.

See the thing is that I'm a collector. And I collect a lot of things. Some more valueable than others. Like for instance my books, my music intruments, my CD's or my DVD's (and a few cassete and VHS tapes - I might actually have a BETA tape too...not sure why I kept that one. It's not like I can play it....)

But I've also kept a lot of other stuff that's not really valueable. Like my sketches or magazines that I wanted to re-read but never got around to it or papers I should have gotten rid of ages ago or... Well the list goes on and on.

But I think I never had a good enough reason to actually get the things thrown out.
And with me being a procrastinator....well let's just say that that's not something that goes well with being a collector. At least not for me... :-)

But when you've only got yourself to worry about it doesn't matter if the office is untidy. You just close the door so no one can see it. Although I have to say that even if I am untidy I do know where my things are...sometimes it's the tidying up that messes things up for ruins my system ;-)

But from tomorrow I'm sharing my house with someone and that means that I needed to get rid of a lot of things. So that's what I've been busy with lately.
It's the first time in my life I've been happy about throwing things out.

But I will get back on track with this blog.

Until then...
Have fun.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Memory Monday:

Recently there was an interview on Danish television with Sannie Carlson.

In 1994 she was the first artist ever to be number 1 in the UK singles chart with a debut single. That achievement gave her a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Most of you probably know her better under the name Whigfield.

And all though she made a lot of music back in the 90s I have to say I only remember two of her songs:

Whigfield – Saturday Night (1994)

Whigfield – Think of You (1995)

Now there’s been a lot of remixes of her songs lately, and in the interview I mentioned earlier she said that she was working on some songs that she will perform herself. She’s been living in Italy for quite a lot of years where she’s writing and composing music for others.

Sannie Carlson anno 2009:

But I need to honest. I’m not equally as thrilled about her (possible) upcoming album as I was to hear that The Cranberries are reuniting :-)

Have a great Monday!